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2017 at Birštonas Resort – the year of international tourism, sports and gastronomy!


December – a Month of Seasonal Entertainment
2nd at 15:00 at the hotel "Royal SPA Residence" (Pakalnės St. 3) tasting – "Healthy and tasty". A healthy diet provides the body with the right amount of energy, helps to be smart and energetic. Ticket price – 15 EUR. More at
3rd at 16:00 at Birštonas Kurhaus (B. Sruogos St. 2) Afternoon of Classical Music. Participants are students of VMU Music Academy: M. Arutiunova, P. Bauzaite, V. Bemov, D. Braukyla, P. Kaminskas, J. Kemezys, I. Slezaite, K. Zajanckauskas, V. Zeilikoviciute. The program includes arias and duets from various operas, operettas and musicals. Free entrance. More at
7th at 19:00 at Birštonas culture center (Jaunimo St. 4) musical premiere "The Hairdresser's Hot Chair". Cast: N. Nekrasiute, R. Simukauslas, E. Krasnove.Pre-booking at and at the venue. Ticket prices: 10–15 Eur. More at
8th at 21:00 at the hotel "Royal SPA Residence" (Pakalnės St. 3) live concert of singer Aleksandras Makejevas. Ticket price – 10 EUR. More at
9th at 17:00 at the J. Basanavičius square Lightening a Christmas Tree. More at
10th at 18:00 at the hotel "Royal SPA Residence" (Pakalnės St. 3) tasting dinner – two-course dinner in candlelight, wonderful evening with two. Ticket price – 19 EUR. More at
14th at 19:00 at Birštonas culture center (Jaunimo St. 4) concert "On one stage" - three actors - Kostas Smoriginas, Vladas Bagdonas, Vidas Petkevičius. Ticket prices: 8–12 Eur. More at
17th at 13:00 at the hotel "Royal SPA Residence" (Pakalnės St. 3) tasting dinner – cook chef Daiva Saule's balanced dinner based on a healthy eating program. Ticket price – 17 EUR. More at
20th at 19:00 at Birštonas culture center (Jaunimo St. 4) concert "From Classics to Flamenco" by the international project "Strings and Air" (USA - Lithuania - Spain). Participants: H. Romero (guitar, vocals), Kestutis Vaiginis (saxophone), C. Estevez Calero (percussion, vocals), string quartet "Mettis" - K. Tumosa (violin), B. Petrauskas (violin), K. Rudokas (alt), R. Vaitkevičius (cello). Ticket prices: 10 Eur, 8 Eur (for seniors, pupils). More at

26th at 19:00
at Birštonas culture center (Jaunimo St. 4) concert "Come on date" with participation of: Evelina Sashenko (mezzo-soprano), Liudas Mikalauskas (bass) and wind instrumental sextet "Brass bravo". Ticket prices: 11–13 EUR. More at
28th 17:00 at the Birštonas Culture Center (Jaunimo St. 4) concert "New Waiting" with participation of the art amateur groups. More at
30th at 19:00
at Birštonas culture center (Jaunimo St. 4) concert of vocal male ensemble "Oueen‘s Six" (United Kingdom). With participation of: D. Brittain (contratenor), T. Carleston (contratenor), N. Madden (tenor), D. Bland (tenor), A. Thompson (baritone), S. Whiteley (boss). Ticket prices: 15 Eur, 10 Eur (at balcony). More at
31st at 17:00 at Birštonas Kurhaus (B. Sruogos St. 2) Baltic Guitar Quartet Concert. Participants: S. Petreikis (trumpet), V. Nivinskas (double bass). The program "BaRock!", A.Vivald and rock classics - music of "Metallica" performers. Ticket prices: 12–15 Eur. Pre-booking by phone +370 319 65 546, e-mail: More at

Event organizers reserve the right to change the program of events.  

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