Hiking trail "Žvėrinčius trails"

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Event date
2021-02-16 To 2021-03-11


This year, due to the quarantine announced all over the country and the cold pressing in the field, the hiking trip, which has become a tradition, is changing the format and inviting all residents of Birštonas to celebrate February 16 - the Day of State Restoration - not only actively, but also SAFE! To participate in the hike, choose the right time for you from February 16 to March 11, be sure to assess the weather conditions and the quarantine situation, dress warmly and comfortably and ... NEXT!
Birštonas Youth Club together with the Birštonas Open Youth Space in the gazebos on the Žvėrinčius Forest Trail will leave you with DVI links, after which you will take diplomas commemorating the hike by taking photos and sending them to us at [email protected] . The medals, as every year, were lovingly prepared for us by Vidas Radzevičius, a ceramicist from the countryside.
IMPORTANT! Diplomas will be awarded to all hikers who have found the references in the Žvėrinčius forest and photographed them and sent them to us. When sending photos, write your name, surname and consent for your photos to be published on the Facebook account of Birštonas Youth Club with other participants of the trip. After completing the hike with the family, one letter with your names and photos confirming the hike will be enough, each family member will receive diplomas. We will send the virtual diplomas upon receipt of your photos, and you will be able to collect the printed diplomas together with the handmade medals at the end of the quarantine, but not earlier than after March 11. As every year, we will have as many as 100 medals, so if there is a lot of interest in our event, we will entrust the distribution of medals to spells and distribute them to a hundred lucky ones! PLEASE NOTE that it does not matter at all whether you send the letters to us first or the first hundred, it will not affect the distribution of medals in any way. We invite you to enjoy this hike at the most convenient time for you, after assessing the weather conditions and consciously observing the quarantine restrictions!