Lithuanian Maritime Museum interactive exhibition "From the water - on the shield"

free of charge
Event date
2021-10-19 To 2021-10-31


The Lithuanian Maritime Museum's interactive exhibition "From Water - on a Shield" is already on display in the library!
From ancient times, humans have developed near water. Cities and towns grew by rivers, lakes, lagoons and the sea. Their inhabitants understood the importance of water. The water quenched thirst, and the life in it hunger.
With the construction of ships, rivers became roads, the sea began to connect, not separate. Living by the water shaped human self-awareness. The symbolism of water was reflected in the culture and symbols of power.
With the advent of heraldry, water symbols moved to the coats of arms of cities and towns. In some, the sails were raised by ships, in others, aquatic animals and fantastic creatures settled.
We invite them to get to know them in the exhibition of the Lithuanian Maritime Museum "From water - on a shield".