Why is love for children's books important?

free of charge
Event date
2021-02-14 16:00 To 17:00


Why is love for children's books important? We will talk about educational books for children, the importance of reading, conscious reading, a child’s development in reading books, parents ’activities with children in reading books, the influence of characters, and also the authors’ books.
Participants: Danguolė Kandrotienė, Selemonas Paltanavičius, Jovita Starkutė
Writer and publisher Danguolė Kandrotienė loved to read from an early age and spent days in the library. For the book "Wardrobe Stories" - the best work for children and teenagers of 2013 - the writers were awarded the Pranas Mašiotas Prize. "Wardrobe Stories" was chosen as the best book for children in 2014, and the International Library for Youth and Children (located in Munich, Germany) rated this book as one of the 200 most valuable works of the year for children and youth.
Selemonas Paltanavičius has written more than 60 books for children. Even two of them were voted the best books of the year.
Jovita Starkutė is the founder of the Family Lab Academy, a comprehensive family education studio for small and large children.